Two Jackpots Worth More Than A Billion Won In Just Two Days

The year 2018 is truly a year full of surprises. Especially for gamers. Across the continent, punters are making the buzz after winning the biggest jackpots in American lotteries. Something really improbable, but it nevertheless happened. In the space of two days, the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots were won by players. Notably, luck has really been on their side, as hitting these prizes doesn’t even come down to a one in a million chance. Considering the huge number of bettors who play these games, it will take more to have a chance of winning the big raffle. However, although the odds are almost 0%, two people still manage to win the two jackpots of Powerball and Mega Millions.

Two future millionaires who still remained unknown

The first player who bought his ticket from Mega Millions found the first jackpot on Friday. With a perfect combination of 28-30-39-59-70 with the Mega Ball 10. Still anonymous to this day, said winner took home almost half a billion dollars. That is $ 450 million in all. Notably, the ticket was purchased in Florida. However, the player carrying the ticket has not yet declared himself.

The Powerball jackpot didn’t last as long after the big hit at Mega Millions. Indeed after 24 hours, it also gave way to a second winner. Thanks to his perfect combination that he wrote on his ballot, the person succeeds in accomplishing an unprecedented feat. As a result, this lucky winner took home the gigantic sum of around $ 560 million. However, since the winner has not yet been revealed, we cannot yet have more information on this person. In addition, we could see that these 2 players made a real unprecedented act. It remains to be seen whether they will declare themselves.